Vs code and figma

Hi there.
I have a problem in Vc Code. i cant open any file dev mode in Figma. Could you help me pls?

Figma for vs code is not available for this file talk to your admin for more details.

Hey @Vartui_Saribekian, thank you for reaching out!
Could you please confirm if you took one of the following methods to open a design file through the VS Code extension?

From Dev Mode

  1. Set CSS as your preferred language in Code settings or the Code section of the Inspect panel.
  2. Click on a top-level frame.
  3. In the Inspect panel, click Options next to the layer name.
  4. Select Open in VS Code.

From VS Code

  1. Open VS Code.
  2. Click Figma in the activity bar, or find Figma for VS Code from your list of extensions.
  3. In the primary sidebar under Files, click on the design you want to open.

Are you getting any error messages? Are you able to share a screen recording what you’re seeing on your end? I can share this internally with the team and investigate further.

Feel free to take a look at our Help Center article for more information on Figma for VS Code

Thanks in advance!