Visual Studio Code Figma plugin: Should components be displayed? #problem

When using the Figma plugin in Visual Studio Code it seems that Single-variant components simply are not displayed?

Is this by design? It seems very inconsistent as multi-variant component frames are listed in Figma plugin.

This must either be a bug with current version of plugin or something wrong with my Figma file. Can someone please advise on how to trouble shoot this?

See images attached that illustrate examples of single-variant / non-variant components not displayed in VS Code Figma plugin.


Hey Harald,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with the plugin.
As all of our plugins are created by Community members and not Figma, you’ll need to reach out to the plugin’s creator for help using that plugin, or to report any problems.

You can find the support email for each plugin on that plugin’s homepage:

The plugin’s creator will then report any bugs in Figma to us.

Hi Celine,

Thanks for the response. Ok, I think Figma should own the plugin and the workflow associated with it. Full sympathy to the original developers, but this is partly why we became convinced to commit to dev-mode in Figma.

The VS Code plugin for Figma should be considered part of the Dev-mode workflow in my opinion…


Are you sure this is correct?

The product page lists “” as its creator and has link to “” , it has “Figma” as publisher. Seems pretty official to me! :smiley:

Oh sorry, I misread and thought you were talking about Visual Studio Code Figma from the plugins listed: here

Yes, you can reach out directly to, they can help you out there. Thank you!

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ok, thanks

Hey again @Harald_Kriebisch ,
Well, I have checked directly with the Dev mode team to double check, this is expected. I have pass along your feedback to the team for consideration.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can click this button which takes you to the regular canvas view (I also shared here as this can also interest others in the community!)

Hope this helps!

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