Visual bug using boolean component properties

I am experiencing a bug while using boolean properties and instance swaps on basic button component and am wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue.

I was looking forward to these advanced property features because it would cut down on a LOT of variants but these bugs are persistent and inconsistent. Figma engineers and product managers have tried to help me on Twitter but so far the bugs continue to occur.

A screenshot showing the issues is below.

The top screenshot shows the button component structure. Icon Before, Label, and Icon After all have a boolean property to toggle visibility. Both icons also have the Instance Swap property applied.

In the Figma editor (left), are instances of the button component. I varied the visibility of Icon Before and Icon after, did some instance swaps, and text overrides. Everything is looking fine.

However, when I preview in prototype mode (right) the icons that have been hidden by toggling the boolean feature in the instance panel are still visible underneath (or over?) the text:

Has anyone else experienced this bug? Is it possible I am doing something wrong in the structure of the button component?

in the documentation

figma has shared that the new Component properties do not work in prototype mode (yet I guess)

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