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View specific frames in prototype

Having moved from Sketch I am missing the functionality to quickly move to a specific artboard/frame within the prototyping view. In Sketch there was a dropdown to choose a specific artboard as a starting point, as well as the ability to start the prototype from the currently selected board and not a specific starting point each time. Internally I used this in design reviews with engineers a LOT to clarify points and revisit specific interactions.

Setting a default start point is great, but not being able to navigate to a specific screen is a little frustrating at times.

Does anyone else think this would be useful?


This is a constant frustration for me.

I have some complex pages, please let me just start a prototype from the currently selected frame.

Yes! This is currently my #1 issue with Figma.


Yep, I agree. I was going to make a similar post.

Especially in really complex deep prototypes where one missed connection can lead you to get stuck. It would be super helpful to be able to jump to particular frames. I could see an option like this in between the next and previous arrows. Something like a double click to convert the XX/XX into a jump to input

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I have the same issue. This is also a problem when you’re working on different parts of a website with a team simultaneously. I’m trying to view the design as I’m working while my teammate does the same, and we end up stepping on each other’s toes by stealing the set starting point from each other back and forth. Please fix this!

I would really like it the way Adobe XD handles it. Where the prototype view will jump to the frame that I have selected. I think Figma Mirror also handles it that way iirc. As soon as I select a frame it will become active in the prototype view

Related point for me, in that I’d like to be able to choose a frame to stay on.

I flick around the place editing different parts of my design, but don’t want Mirror on my phone to change with me most of the time.

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I keep running into this as the starting point for a prototype is used for presentations so not ideal to always change the global starting point. Copying artboard to new page every time is also a step too far. Could use a preview this frame popup like in XD.

Hello colleagues,

The function you are asking about already exists. Read the help article

That’s how it should work. But it doesn’t. I would suggest to submit an issue report from the question mark bottom right, contact support.


This is something that I love about Adobe XD and is part of my muscle memory. Figma Mirror works ok for me when designing an app but is pretty useless when doing something for the web. Please implement this feature @Figma

cc @Figma_Support