Video not able to be prototyped as child instance of component

I’m trying to have a video start and stop on click in all instances of a component (video attached)

  • I created a component that toggles the play/pause state of a video that is inside the component.
  • I copied the component to create a child instance, and in that instance, I’m not able to select the video in the Interactive menu.

However, I cannot selected the Video in the Interaction menu when instance of a component.

Video Here: - Google Drive

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Hi Austin_Kahn1,
Thank you for flagging this! It looks like a bug that our engineering team is investigating now, while I cannot set an ETA yet for the fix at this time.
Feel free to reach out to our support team with your video recording and a copy if you are able to, this will also help us to investigate the issue further here: Thank you!