Variants best practice question

Im slowly getting used to how to make variants and components for buttons, but im wondering what the best practice for the following would be?..

lets say i have 1 button, that i have 3 variants of - each is a different size and have properties than enable icons to be turned on/off etc.

if i then want to change the colour of the button and all of its variants - i then have to change the colour in ALL 3 of those instances, which is less than ideal. Is there a better way for me to do things so that I can have a base button ‘style’ than i can then make variants off of - so if any core value needs changing i only do it once?

i hope that makes sense. This all gets a bit confusing sometimes :slight_smile:

thanks for any help you can give!

Hi Nick! If I understand well, if you would like to switch “designs” between different contexts (here, for instance, when you change a theme with a specific button and its own variants), the Variables feature may be interesting for you. You can have more information in our Help Center article here: Hope it helps!