Variant-ception: Creating a text-typing illusion inside a Text Field Variant

I’m working on a prototype sign up screen for the Daily UI challenge and ran into a snag.

So far, I have different components for each text field so the content changes as if you’re entering info into the blank. I also created a component that animates text like a user is typing in a username.

Problem: Although the prototype shows the typing text fine when it’s alone in a frame, the typing animation doesn’t work when it’s inside the final variant of the username field component (it only shows the first letter of the username).

Does anyone know how to make the typing animation complete once the “Filled” variant is activated in the flow?

You can easily see the issue if you view the prototype of the two Preview Frames on the Components Page.

See Figma file below:

Hey there, I am checking this with the team and will come back to you once I’ve figured this out!

I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticker number is #879842, for reference. This looks like a feature limitation, however, technical quality team will investigate further.