Variable-driven instances + modes

I know that we all love our new variables for text, values, colors (though you STILL need to allow us to plug our existing style library colors in to the variable colors instead of forcing us to remake the primitives for them!), and bools, but I also want to do it for instances!

If I have a button and I want to change the icon on it for different button “modes,” I’d like to make it so instead of hiding all the icons on the button with a complex set of bools that toggle them on and off, I could just have it change instances of the icons on the button so that different modes would swap the current icon instances with whatever the mode called for.

For example, let’s say I have a “cancel” mode for a set of various button variables. I want it so changing from default mode to this “cancel” mode would not only change colors, text, values, etc, but would also swap the default :white_check_mark: icon instance I assigned to an :x: icon I made for it.

Hey @J.D_Posey, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our Variables team for consideration.

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