Variable are inconsistent when copying style

we have used variables to style an object in figma (e.g. colors as fill, or numbers as auto layout and radius properties). when copying properties using ctrl+alt+c, its expected to style new object with variables, not static values. but figma uses detached variable values to style new object.

This behaves right when using styles, but variables cannot be copied correctly. so its annoying to set each value manually.


Hi @Mohammad_Amin_Zamani ,

Thanks for flagging this. The behavior you’re seeing is intended.

That said, I’ve carefully noted your feedback and passed it along to our team for review. With this beta launch, we’re eager to hear from our community what would help make your experience using Variables even better.

While we can’t guarantee the immediate implementation of all feedback, we’re committed to growing as we go and encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts.

Thank you for your understanding!

I’m also experience this as disturbing. Expecting the variables copied with the style.

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