Using "scroll to" causes it to not scroll back up and add lots of white space

I have a page in my prototype that uses “scroll to”. You click on a menu item on the left, and it scrolls to that section. Perfect. But then I can’t scroll all the way back up, a bit works but not all the way. At the bottom it also adds lots of white space that shouldn’t be there. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried both making in scroll to a header, and using the Y-offset and X-offset.

Hello @Ida3, Thank you for getting in touch! I can imagine this situation must be frustrating for you.

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue but haven’t succeeded yet. Would you mind sharing a brief video recording of the problem you’re experiencing, along with a copy of your file if possible?
This would greatly benefit our community in understanding the issue clearly and exploring ways to assist you!