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Use eyedropper tool to copy and paste text styles

It would be a really cool enhancement if the eyedropper tool ‘i’ could also copy text styles (like it does in InDesign). Being able to copy properties is fine, but having to manually select each text layer and copy the properties, to then manually select each text layer and paste those properties is a bit of a pain.

It would be ace if you could eyedropper the text style you want and ‘dropper’ the style onto the text you’d like to update. InDesign does this really well.

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Guys - switching over from Illlustrator and loving Figma. But it looks like you can’t use the eyedropper tool to copy/paste text styles. This would be a massive timesaver!

I know there’s copy/paste properties. But it doesn’t copy all properties and is a significantly more lengthy shortcut that eyedropper and thus becomes painfully slow.

Please add this feature soon!

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