Updates only showing in asset library not the page

Please help! I am not sure why my component is not updating in the page but is updated in the asset library.

Normally after I change the master component in the library file it will update in all other files that component is in without having to pull a new component from the asset library.

When I pull out a new component it is updated and good. But the previous one in the file before the update is not updating. Is there something I am missing? We turned the component into a frame, but that has never seemed to have mattered before. And the component is not detached either so it should work.

Also, does anyone know what this icon in the layers mean? I am wondering if this is part of the issue.

Okay, we figured out the issue was the color library. We were using a private colors from the library in the component, but they do not show up as in the other files of our projects using those colors.

My new question is: Is there a way to add the private colors and make sure our developers can see the color, but not let other designers change it?
(Please let me know if I need to make a new topic for this)

Could you attach a picture of this icon?