Update sections so they snap to frames

I like to use sections to group similar frames together. For example, I have a file that contains email designs. In it I put the nurture email designs in one section and the newsletter email designs in another.

Right now, when I try to make sure there the space between my section and frames are equal on all four sides I haven’t found an easy way to do it. One way would be for me to resize the section until it snaps to the edge of the frame inside it. Then I can just add 200 pixels to the width and height and it’d be good. But from what I’ve tried it doesn’t seem like the section will snap to the frames inside it.

Anyway, this is definitely just a small suggestion and easy enough to work around but it would be nice touch if they snapped.

Wow, super surprised to come here and see no upvotes on this yet! Thanks for suggesting. Would definitely be helpful!

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Mac: Cmd + Opt + Shift + R
Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

Ah, that’s really handy @tank666! I’ve never noticed that option before. It definitely helps do what I’ve been trying to. :raised_hands:t2:

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