Update codes in a plug-in file

Hi everyone,

I followed the exact steps in this Figma tutorial to create a plugin on my own. I made changes to the “code.ts” file, but my plugin didn’t update the effects.

The details: I made changes to the “code.ts” file by replacing “figma.createRectangle()” with “figma.createEllipse()”. I relaunched the plugin on Figma, but the plugin still created rectangles rather than ellipses.

If I made the same change to the “code.js” file, I was able to update the plugin effects.

I have tried the following:

  • Restart my desktop, relaunch vs code, relaunch Figma
  • Ensure that I Install everything as required: vs code, node.js, npm, TypeScript, typings, (and verify all installation)
  • Select “Select Command Prompt” under “terminal select default profile”
  • Select “tsc:watch-tsconfig.json.”