Unpublished plugin is not updating the code

I have recently developed a plugin that requires network access to certain domains, so I have individually specified them in the manifest.json. For some reason, the code in the published version is not updating, and even after publishing after correcting the code, still the code is not updating.

Are you using a compiler? Do the HTML and JS files contain updated code? Have you tried reloading the tab or restarting the application and running the plugin?

I am using react webpack here. and local code is working perfectly but when it comes to
submitting for review, even after specifying and rectifying network access errors in manifest.json, its showing the same old errors. And i am sure it is not updating because, the time when there were errors, i forgot to comment some lines. So now after rectifying, same errors are popping up, it should not actually.

Does this mean that the plugin is not yet published and is under review?

What errors are you talking about? Where do you see them: in the console of the Figma desktop application or in your IDE?

In Figma for the published version. The plugin will not be approved unless there are no errors from the plugin

Do you want to update the “FontFinesse” plugin? I see that the last update was 2 days ago. Please try publishing the update again.