Unlink similar components in a prototype (without detaching them)


Solution found!
I finally noticed the issue after reading this article: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/14397859494295-State-management-for-prototypes

Apparently states are shared between “matching objects”. Giving each component layers unique names removed shared states, ie. renaming ‘Popover’ to → ‘Popover: Filter Group A’ and '‘Popover: Filter Group B’.

I’m currently facing a challenge in my Figma prototype. I have multiple ‘Choice lists’ with ‘Checkboxes,’ both being components from our design system. These components have interactive elements like hover states and click actions. However, when I use them multiple times on the same page, they seem to be linked. Clicking one ‘Checkbox’ in a filter group, for example, checks all corresponding ‘Checkboxes’ in other groups.

I’m looking for a way to unlink them without detaching the components, as I still want to maintain styles and interactions from the design system.

Any suggestions or experiences with a similar issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The prototype starts with 3 filter groups – all unchecked by default.

When checking ‘Checkbox 1’ and ‘Checkbox 3’ in ‘Filter group A’ the same checkboxes are checked in ‘Filter group B’ and ‘Filter group C’

Depends on how the checkbox component is built. Is it done linking two variants or by using variables? Difficult to solve unless you have a screenshot of the component showing interactions or you can post a sample file here.

Thank you for your quick response. The linking was done through variants of the components. However, I spotted the issue myself. I updated the original post with the solution.

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