Unable to switch page variable mode, but all sections within page allow it?

I have 3 sections on my page and if I select them all I can switch the variable mode.

However, if I select the entire page, which contains nothing different than the 3 sections, I cannot switch variable modes (it is disabled).

Hey @Brandon_H, thanks for flagging it!
This is a feature limitation that we are aware of. Our engineering team are investigating this issue. They are working on improving this feature with regards to seeing greyed out modes on the page level, so that it should be easier to identify any causes.
While I cannot set an ETA yet for the fix at this time, please be sure that we will pass your feedback along to our team for consideration. (The variables feature is currently in open beta and we are continuing to add more features and polish the experience during this time).

For now, I recommend keeping an eye on our Release Notes where we post all major updates: here
Thank you!

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Hey @Celine_Figma thanks for the update.

I too am experiencing this issue. Hope it gets resolved soon.

@Celine_Figma I’m having the same issue, would love to hear if there’s a fix or update