Unable to resize an instance

2024-07-08 14.41.57
I can’t resize an instance except after it has been detached. How can this be done?
Thank you for your help.

You can’t resize instances. There is a workaround by enabling auto-layout to the main component and play with the padding.

Thank you @Weirdo.
However, I don’t quite understand what I need to do. When you say: “by enabling auto-layout to the main component”, you’re talking about the master component, but on which layer?

To the frame that contains the scroller. make sure that the scroller height is on “fill”.
By doing that you can control the height of the scroller.

In the video you attached I already see that you have Auto-Layout, so just play with the bottom-padding :slight_smile:

Nope :frowning:
“Fill” is not available.
2024-07-09 11.20.06