UI3: fix corner radius input in place and add a shortcut for it

With the UI3 update, the frequently used corner radius field completely breaks my flow. It is always positioned in a different spot depending on what you have selected. Previously no matter what you have selected the corner radius was always at the top near the rotation input.

Now it’s not even possible to set a shortcut for this field using tools like BetterTouchTool because it needs to click in a specific spot.

So you have to visually search through the array of similar looking input fields trying to find where the corner radius is. This takes multiple seconds for me every time I want to change corner radius. This way it’s impossible to build muscle memory to quickly press this field — muscle memory works by doing the same action, not searching through the entire column first.

At the very least offer a native shortcut to enter corner radius so I have a quick way to set it.


I would love to be able to change corner radius on the canvas like in Sketch!

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How can I change the corner radius of selected corner only in new UI every time I am try its changing for all four corner

Thanks for the feedback, @Gleb!

Our UI3 team already had eyes on your tweet, so we’ll pass this topic onto them as well for more context.