Typography Variables - Bind Variable to Case (All caps, title case etc)

Love the new Typography Variable release, but it falls short for our use case. Our goal is to use variable modes to switch styles between our 3 brands. 2 of those brands use all caps for headings, the other brand uses sentence case.

We need to be able to bind a variable to the case of a character style (As typed, Uppercase, Lowercase, Title case, Small caps).

  • Without this capability, when switching modes from brand 1 to brand 2 for example, we are getting the default case for the character style (sentence case coming from brand 1).

  • We would then have to go through our designs and manually type in all caps for all instances of headings in brands 2 and 3. Certainly not ideal and will lead to inconsistencies / places where manually typing in all caps are missed if we went this route.

Until binding a variable to the case of a character style is an option, using typography variables isn’t feasible for our use case.


I am also having the same issue. Type variables are unfortunately not suitable for a multi-brand library. Without type variables we’ve had to get creative on how we pass type styles to devs via REST API. Not only can we not pass off case and decoration variables, but sometimes our fonts’ “weight” also carry that font decoration which we cannot successfully separate from the numerical value. (i.e. bold italic). As a work around we are essentially pasting in the entire font CSS into a string variable to pass type styles to dev. However this is only useful for development since that’s not a usable variable for designers.

Love the potential for this feature but cannot use it at this time.


Running into the exact same issue. Without support for Case or for example text decoration. We seem to have hit a dead end and can’t use it for multiple brands.


I have the same issue, I mean at this point it’s a want that can make it easier for use of variable on Text.

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