Type disappears while hovering in prototypes. Conflicting font issue

Certain type is disappearing when a user is hovering components in the prototype that are not getting the font from the same source as me. All interactions work for me and anyone that is able to use the font from the same Adobe Type Kit source as me. For everyone else when they hover certain components, type disappears or changes to another font. My hunch is that at one point a colleague who had a locally downloaded version of the font made updates to the file and this may have caused some sort of corruption with the font application in the file. When I look at the Instances Options dropdown of the components they all say that I need to “Reset All Changes”, “Reset Size”, “Reset Title” etc. Is there a way that I can fix this problem at the root and not have to individually reset all instances?

Hey @Matt87! It looks like you’ve got a ticket filed with support at the moment. It’s being reviewed by our tech quality team (this seems to be related to an existing bug we’re aware of and working on).

Someone should be getting in touch – this may not be until after the weekend due to the timing, so apologies for the delay ahead of time.

(edit: one suggestion that was passed to me was to use Google Fonts instead, if possible – also, if you haven’t already, check that everyone experiencing this has the same font version installed).

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