Trying to copy conditional prototypes

Hi there!

I have a prototype and there are some “back” elements which uses conditional clicking with variables (to decide where to go). But when I copy this prototype this conditions are not copied, and this is important because my project is a white label, and I need to replicate it to other customers (just changing colors, fonts, etc). Even by duplicating page those conditions are not copied! Please, is there any way to fix that? Thanks!

Hey @Fabiano_Tomoda, sorry for the delayed reply!

Maybe you have components on your first page? Components are copied as instances when duplicating to another page, so it’s not possible to keep their connections.

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Hi @dvaliao thanks for your response. I have components in a different page and use its instances in my prototype. Then, why do I need to create a copy? Because I want to give accesss to some people just to the prototype, then I copy it to a new file. And all conditionals in it are no copied, which makes life very hard because I need to build all of that again