Trouble with Adding and Subtracting using conditionals

Hey, everyone,

I’ve been searching the community for a while and I can’t find anything related to this possible bug. If you know of any similar topic, let me know.

I’m testing variables in advanced prototypes and I’ve created a simple layout where I have 1 card with 2 variable modes in which the plus and minus buttons trigger a conditional to either add or subtract a value of 1 on the “card-total-item” variable that I’m placing on the frame.

The problem is, when I play the prototype and I add 1 pineapple, the “card-total-item” variable counts 0. When I try to add an apple, the variable then changes to 2. If I add another pineapple, the variable stays at 2, and when I add yet another apple, the variable finally counts 4.

Is there some logic I’m missing? Does this have anything to do with modes and conflicting actions?

Thank you!