Заблокированы вертикальная и горизонтальная прокрутка в файле

В файле не работают горизонтальная и вертикальная прокрутка. Они как бы зафиксированы в одной области. При попытке что-то делать с файлом выводится сообщение: " width set to fixed for WRAP Input + Helper_text"…
Как выйти из этого режима?

Hey There Sventalana. I read your post with Google Translate, and from what I understand, You want to make a scroll for prototype, am I right? This is How it works:

Horizontal Scroll:

1- Assume you have a Frame (Let’s call it Carousel), you want to put some cards inside and give it a Horizontal Scroll. Your Frame (Carousel) Width Should be Fixed.
2- You need to set “AutoLayout” & set orders to Horizontal (Wrap doesn’t work, make sure to select the horizontal arrow, the one without curve).
3- Now, Let’s just say we have designed some Cards. if you put it inside, Some of the cards will overflow, but it’s OK.
4- now you can go to the Prototype tab and set "Horizontal Scroll) for Carousel Frame. you will get the scroll you want.

the trick is that the scroll option only happens when the content of a frame exceeds the length of the frame (vertical, horizontal, or both).

Hope This Helps