Tips on programatic test building using frame names and links

I am working on building a list of tests for our UI/UX prototypes in a multi-page Figma project. We have screen flows with arrows pointing from one frame’s buttons to another frame to show how to get from one to the other.

The approach I have taken so far is to right click Copy/Paste as > Copy Link for each frame and paste the link in a row in an excel spreadsheet for testers to record test progress and feedback.

It was tedious so I looked into plugin options that would speed things up but the ones I tried did not seem to work or help for this (Tablefy, Content Export to Excel) so I stuck to the manual process.

Now I am realizing I need a programmatic approach because any time someone changes the name of the frame, the links I copied are broken and the link just takes the tester to page 0 of the whole project. links to a frame should be able to survive a frame rename since the name is not even part of the link, it all looks like IDs…

Any tips on workarounds/improvements would be greatly appreciated!

I see a lot of excitement about the “Copy as Link” feature in this thread around when it was added. Is there anyone out there that is similarly frustrated when links break on frame edit?


Is breaking a link to a frame by moving, renaming or otherwise editing it an intentional feature?

Are there more durable ways to link to frame objects from an external source via URLs?