The scrolling icon is stuck

Hi! I have a common problem, where the scrolling icon of my mouse gets “stuck” into that setting, but its behaving just like the normal mouse cursor icon, and it’s quite annoying. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Sorry for my english, its hard to describe. Here’s the chatgpt version of it:

“When I’m working on a Figma document, sometimes the mouse pointer changes from its classic shape to its scrolling shape (the four-directional wheel), but it doesn’t behave as expected. Instead, it retains the classic pointer behavior. When I use the mouse wheel and click it, it behaves as expected, but the icon doesn’t return to its normal state afterwards.”

I’m uploading a literal screenshot

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same here!

Same here. It’s annoying that the middle mouse button also initiates a drag behavior on the layer, moving it around the hierarchy. Will report this as a bug.

same here, did someone fix it?

Same issue. Anyone have a fix?

Same for me :smiling_face_with_tear: Facing this bug time to time. Very annoying.

I am having the same bug, please fix Figma.

You can try one of this:

  • Mouse wheel click + Right mouse click

  • Ctrl + Mouse wheel click

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Hi all, thank you for flagging this. The behaviour seems odd!
I can’t replicate it on my end. If you are still running into issues, would you mind sharing a quick screen recording and filling out a form here? Our team can investigate it. Thank you!

Same problem there. I tried different solution , Left + Wheel Click , Right + Wheel click , Ctrl + Wheel click but none of them worked, and the cursor visual is still locked in wheel mode… I have to close the windows and reopen it…
Do you have a solution ?

I find a solution :
hold click on mousse wheel and go outside the windows.

I had a same problem.

What I did a after using Figma, otherwise known as Bugma, I rebooted my machine and its back to normal.

Bugma does the weird stuff every now and then.

Only thing that works is if you re-open the menu or window where the scroll icon was activated, hover over the list and press down on the scroll wheel and while holding down drag your cursor outside of the list and let go.


Hey @Jared_Bass ! Sorry to hear this is happening, and thank you for sharing the video recording. Is it happening on browser, desktop app or both?
Can you try to force-quit and re-opens Figma to see if that helps?

Can you please reach out directly to the support team by filling this form: We would like our team to investigate it further.
Be sure to use your Figma email account, mention your desktop specs, and share your video recording. Thank you!