The scrolling icon is stuck

Hi! I have a common problem, where the scrolling icon of my mouse gets “stuck” into that setting, but its behaving just like the normal mouse cursor icon, and it’s quite annoying. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Sorry for my english, its hard to describe. Here’s the chatgpt version of it:

“When I’m working on a Figma document, sometimes the mouse pointer changes from its classic shape to its scrolling shape (the four-directional wheel), but it doesn’t behave as expected. Instead, it retains the classic pointer behavior. When I use the mouse wheel and click it, it behaves as expected, but the icon doesn’t return to its normal state afterwards.”

I’m uploading a literal screenshot

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same here!

Same here. It’s annoying that the middle mouse button also initiates a drag behavior on the layer, moving it around the hierarchy. Will report this as a bug.

same here, did someone fix it?

Same issue. Anyone have a fix?

Same for me :smiling_face_with_tear: Facing this bug time to time. Very annoying.

I am having the same bug, please fix Figma.

You can try one of this:

  • Mouse wheel click + Right mouse click

  • Ctrl + Mouse wheel click