The background behind overlay don't work correctly

The background behind Overlay on the first window is 100%, after pressing the button the second Overlay should open with Background behind Overlay 0% (it does not cover the entire screen, only most of the screen). But when playing the second overlay, I see the Background behind Overlay of the first overlay, so the prototype doesn’t look how I want it to. Why does the double overlay have the Background behind the first overlay? How can I fix it? What should I do to make the settings of the second overlay work? Why is it so inconveniently done? Please help me with advice.

Whenever u open an overlay on top of another overlay you always get the previous one’s background plus the new one’s, in this case since the first was already 100% you will always have a background of 100%… when you switch to the second one, instead of going “open overlay” do “swap overlay”

Hi thanks for the answer, but unfortunately nothing has changed for me. I put “swap overlay” and now when animating the second overlay layer is in the middle of the screen, although it should be on the bottom right. The overlay placement settings are gone, so I can’t adjust where the overlay layer should be, and also the background remains 100% of the first overlay layer.

Hey Leo, sorry it didn’t work. As I understand I think it won’t work unfortunately, as you’re trying to open an overlay on top of another overlay, which means you’ll always have the background of the first overlay present. I suggest trying to play with the after delay tool, maybe when you press that button instead of immediately opening the overlay make it go to the page you want the background to be, and then make an after delay for the open overlay with 0% background. If you put really fast times it might go a bit unnoticed

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