Text sub-styles (with a shortcut)

Currently, if you would like to bold part a text using a certain style, you have to create an extra style with a different font-weight, then jump into text styles and pick a bolded one. Things get crazier if we would like italic, underline, strikethrough as well… :exploding_head:

Fine. But this is not how coding works (something you’re trying to align to).
Usually*, we can just mark part of a text in styled with only font-weight property.

Something similar is required in Figma with the ability to assign shortcuts so we can easily use i.e. ctrl+B / cmd+B to assign bolded sub-style. Just like all your users work with text in any other software.
Optionally, these could be just pre-made options to pick (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough).

*I’m a designer not engineer though

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