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Text Styles and Variants

I’m new to Figma and trying to understand text styles fully.
If I set up a text style, is it possible to have variants of that style? For example, if my text style is Helvetica, 16, Bold, Left aligned is it possible to have a variant of that style with central alignment rather than left alignment (or a different colour) or do I need to set up a new text style for that variant?

Hey @Ruby_Barrow Text Styles and Variants are different things.

Styles, that exist for Text, Fill, Line and Effects and you can create multiple styles that can be applied to multiple elements. You can learn all about it here in this link.

Here’s a tutorial for Styles on Figma’s YouTube:

Variants are a completely different feature and it’s all about components and instances. It’s a powerful feature that allows you to create variations of certain components (style, status, size,… whatever you can think of) that can be easily changed through a set of simple properties and toggles that you generate. You can read all about it here in this link.

Here’s a tutorial for Variants on Figma’s YouTube:


That’s great, thank you very much Bruno.

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Let me know if this is all you need or there’s anything else that is not clear :smiley: