Text Line Height Variables Scoping

When setting the variables for my library’s typography styles, I noticed that my text sizing variables were not showing up for ‘Line height’ even tho I had ‘Text content’ number scoping settings toggled on.

I then realized they are only showing for ‘Line height’ if I have ‘Show in all supported properties’ selected. Is this because it’s planned to add semantic text content scoping in the near future? I would expect that all my variables that have ‘Text content’ toggled on will appear for Line height.

It’s a small detail, but now I have all my text variables visible for properties in which I may not want them like effects, stroke and opacity.


I’m encountering the same issue. Took me a bit to figure out because even with everything selected, without having “Show in all supported properties selected”, it would not appear. A very minor thing, but it does somewhat break scoping because now the text content specific variables are flooding other number variable selectors, like gap, width, etc.


Same thing for me

Same here, please fix @ Figma

Just a plus 1 for this issue. The same applies for letter-spacing and paragraph spacing as well.

Given that the issue doesn’t apply to the size property (another number variable) the logic doesn’t seem to make sense.

@ksn Any thoughts on the above thread? Is this a bug or are we just waiting on incremental changes. :slight_smile:

Same, line height variables are only visible if ‘show in all supported properties’ is selected.
As a workaround, I’ve found that once I’ve applied to a text style I can go back and descope to text only and it’s still defined on the text style. This means they are the same as unpublished in terms of their visibility to designers, but as long as they stick to styles it’s not a problem as they are powering the styles. In theory once the ‘bug’ is fixed I will have no extra work as will all be saved with a text-only scope already, they will just become exposed.


Also experiencing this issue. @David_Simpson 's solution is good in the short term but it would be nice if this could be fixed by the Figma team.

Same here, and the same for letter-spacing. Is this a bug?

I just came across the exact same problem today, google searched: ‘“text content” doesn’t include line height in Figma variables’ and found this thread. +1 to needing this fixed. Thanks!

this is also happening to me. I swear it worked yesterday and now today, poof! it’s no longer an option for line-height or letter-spacing

Looks more like bug than other intentions since Text content variables are very new to Figma.

“Line height, Letter spacing, and Paragraph spacing” should also be grouped as Text content in “Number scoping”