Text and Colour Styles Disappearing

My team have been encountering an issue with our Style Sheets where Text and Colour styles completely disappear from the file when navigating the sub folders of the styles.

It appears to be a bug, and most of the time is recovered by clicking CMD-Z to recover the styles, however, the styles disappearing isn’t very obvious if your working on lots of styles undoing results in losing work to recover the original styles.

Is anyone else having this issue>

Hey @Tom_Warner – I personally am not aware of this being a wide-spread issue, but I’m going to DM you to get some additional info.

I have the same problem, and all my text styles are gone for the second time. At first, I thought I deleted them by mistake, but then another colleague and I realized this was false. I can’t explain how much rework this caused to me. Have you found any possible solutions for it?

Hello @Melike, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I completely understand your frustration.

Checking on my end, I can see both local text styles and those shared via the team library. Also, I searched internally and confirmed it with my local teammates, but we are not currently aware of this being a widespread issue. So, we would like to know more details!

If you are having issue accessing text styles from your team library on the properties panel on your design file, please double-check the following:

Please note that on Education, Professional, Organization, and Enterprise plans can publish styles and can use style libraries. You can check more details at
Styles in Figma and Apply styles to layers and objects.

  1. Ensure that styles have already been published to your team library: Manage and share styles

  2. Confirm that the library has been added to the design file you are working on: Left panel > Assets tab > Libraries icon

If you have checked these steps and see those libraries and still cannot access the text styles, please reach out directly to our support team here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Please make sure you use your Figma account. Also, in order for our support team to investigate further, please kindly provide the following information:

  1. A screen recording of the issue, showing the full Figma screen including the left and right panels to see the exact names of the layers and properties, as well as the file names you are working on.
  2. Share file links and add support-share@figma.com as an Editor to those files (this will not affect your billing):
    • The file where the text styles are missing
    • The library where the text styles are located

Thank you so much for your assistance!

My team is experiencing a similar issue right now, which seems to affect all of our style libraries, and even local styles. I’m going to submit the items you recommended in the post above.

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I also experienced it right now… color styles (but not all of them although almost all of them) were gone during the lunch break. This is actually not acceptable since this cost time and money for the team.

@Robert_Nagel Apologies – we don’t mean to affect your workflow.

If you try checking the version history, are you able to restore a version of the file that has these styles still in the library? Here is how to use this feature: View a file’s version history

If you do find the version with the styles, if you restore this version, publish it again, and accept the updates in the other files the styles should be re-linked.

Also – is it possible someone on your team may have cut or delete the styles while you were not actively working in the file?

If that’s not the case, our tech quality team may need to take a look at your specific library, since these issues are usually unique to the library itself.

Thanks for responding @ksn but no, it wasn’t possible to restore it. We had to redo it which took not so much time than expected but still around 2hours. It was just frustrating since this project is already short on time. I hope it doesn’t occure anymore… it was really weird because nobody was working on that file during the lunch break… and only 2 folders of the color sets were gone…

Yeah, on the surface that does sound weird - there may be an audit trail of what happened that support can take a look at to shed more light on that.

In order to do that though, you’d need to get in contact with them via email, and share the library/files where things disappeared (can’t do this on the forum to protect your data). Would you want to do that? If so, you can fill out this form here. Once you do that, PM me the case number and I can try to escalate it.

I am also experiencing lost text styles in my Design system file. When I check the libraries tab the styles seem to still be there but 21 out of 24 text styles are gone from the left panel and when expecting text elements the link to the text style is also gone.
Any suggestions how to fix this?

EDIT: when trying to publish the library the text styles show up as “removed”. Is there a way to restore them?

@Morten_Larsen can you try restoring a previous version of the file to see if that restores them? If that doesn’t seem to work, please file a ticket with the link above, as this may be tech issue. Let me know if it does seem to work, though. Would be helpful to know!Q

For me it happend also the second time in 1,5 months. Deleting all my text style of medium sized projects. It’s super crucial. What can I do? :((

Hey @Ben36 - can you confirm if you’ve tried restoring a previous version of the file to see if that fixes this? If that doesn’t seem to work, please file a ticket here

Library issues are often caused by unique factors related to the individual one in question, and support can take a look at things in more detail.

Yes, i tried to go back two versions. Nothing showed up. I’m also on free plan currently and cant try to publish the library, unfortunately. I just filled the contact form. Its a super frustrating bug. ^^

@Ben36 Got it - thank you for the update!

I’m actually going to close this specific topic, since it is an older one, and I’d like to see any newer (and similar issues) become their own and independent of this.

If you need further help, feel free to PM me or start a new topic :blush: