Synchronization with Lokalise in Variables

I have a lot of localization keys in Localize and don’t want to make another set of keys for 20+ languages. I want to import these keys into Figma variables.

Hi @Sergei_Goltsov,

You would need to reach out to the plugin creator directly about the conversion of your keys into variables as this is related to a specific plugin.

On a more general note, we are still working on how we’ll long term support variable export/import directly in app, and so for the time being we recommend using our Plugin API to import/export Variables. You can reference our Plugin API docs on Variables article to learn more but this doesn’t apply to plugins specifically.

@mfelix, Do you mean that UX writers can write through Figma variables in different languages, and then the developers can export the variables as keys using the Plugin API you mentioned?

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