Swap local color styles to match external

Hi, I have created a design system library with a bunch of color styles (300+ of them). I have now decided that I want to separate the colors and components so that one library has only components and the other only colors. Is there any way (or a plugin) that matches the local color styles from the original library and matches them to new library with only colors? Then I can delete the styles from the components library.

If I had to do this manually it would be too hard and way too long.

This is how I Move styles. :relaxed:

The thing is that all the components that had the associated style to them lose the attached style that way? As in they all go back to the hex value instead of the style.

But what if the ‘source’ and ‘consumer’ file (as per that video) are the same file. One I cut the styles from that file all components with the a color style attached revert to a hex value

Sorry, but I can’t confirm this. After the styles are moved and published to the destination file, the source file references the styles in the destination file and a message appears in the file that updates are available.