Swap component instances with nested properties

I have two sets of icons: one that is solid, and one that is outlined.

As per best practices, I have each icon as a separate component (so I have say, 30 solid icons and 30 outlined icons, making 60 total).

I also have an Icon_wrapper component that uses instance swap, so I can swap out the individual icons.

My question is: instead of showing 60 icons in the preferred list for the instance swap, can I set it up so I can show 30 icons with an additional “Solid/Outline” property to switch between the two versions? That way, I can reduce the number of icons that show up on the list, because they aren’t sorted.

Using “expose nested instances” in the Icon_wrapper component only lets me change the Solid/Outline property of the icon I have in there as default, and not any instances I swap into it with. Is there another way to do this?