Support multi-selection when publishing components

When you select a component that hasn’t been published yet, this button is displayed:


But whenever you select two components or more, you can’t publish anymore with this method. You have to go through the typical flow of opening Assets, scrolling through all your components to find what you want to publish, etc. I’m often publishing a few components at the same time because they are part of the same update.

I’d love if the “Publish changes” would stay when having multiple components selected. Thanks!

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Yes I’d also love this ability. I’m surprised it’s not requested by more people. It’s an action I perform hundreds of times per day so it can become a bit repetitive and frustrating selecting each component one by one and publishing it. I share the Figma file with other designers so I only want to publish the parts of the library which I own.

FYI, I found a workaround. You can select the components you want to publish (via the canvas or the left tree), right-click your selection and Select “Publish selected components”:


Which does exactly what I was looking for.