Support different slider bar width in different windows

So, here is my routine workflow:

I use macbook and a extra 32 inch size monitor, I will open 2 windows, one in the monitor for main design, one in macbook’s screen for component usage. I can just copy and paste instance from the latter to the former, I think it is faster than use shift + I or drag from assets panel.
But here is a inconvenient situation. when I trying to scale layers’s slide panel in the big windows so I can see more layer name, the small windows’s layer slide panel was be widen too. And it difficult to use, since there are limited space in the small macbook screen.

Processing: Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 1.47.23 PM (2).png…

It seems forum only support one picture… here is what happened when I scale big window’s slider panel.

Hey @Aaron_Xu, thanks for the feedback!

Improving this is definitely on our radar, but what you’ve suggested here is a bit different from other suggestions in the community that we’ve collected here:

We’ll keep this feature request separate for now, and we’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration as a possible different iteration.

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