Stroke style to record all properties, not just colors

I want the stroke style to inherit all properties, not just colors
you know we have :color、size、strokes per side、 inside and outside、 and so on。
I want to write it all down when I create t he styles :rofl:


Don’t forget the dash property…

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it’s beyond me why this is not a thing. When I’m trying to do some markups, often times I rely on stroke styles to mark out objects’ boundaries, sizes, areas, whether one thing and another is overlapping, etc, and since stroke style is not a thing, I have been manually applying the same stroke style to so many objects…


How is this still not solved!?!

My workaround is to use components, but that’s so kludgy and confusing.


Stroke is so critical for design systems, I’m sort of appalled Stroke style doesn’t save all properties - after more than 3 years (I saw posts about this as early as 2020).

Border Radius too…

The ability to save a stroke style would save a LOT of time in our team’s design process.