Store logo in a string variable and use it in another component

Hello all,
I have just encountered the following problem:
I know that it is possible to play a different image/logo using a string variable, depending on which variable mode a frame has. For this I made all logos in one component and named the logos accordingly. Then I created a string variable with the name “logo” and inserted the name of the logo in the modes.

If I now place the logo component on a normal frame, I can switch between the logos using the variable modes in the layer setting of the frame.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-17 um 16.39.19

But if I now place exactly this component with the logos in another component, I suddenly can’t assign a string variable to the logo and so the logo doesn’t change anymore, depending on which variable mode a layer has. Now I wonder why this works with a normal frame but within another component suddenly not anymore…

Does anyone have the same problem and maybe already found a solution?

@sv_n From what I’ve seen, you can’t (currently) access a string variable to change a variant if that instance is within another component/instance.

But there is a way to use booleans, which you can access within a component/instance, to swap the logos depending on the mode.