Stop forcing me to use Figma app on iPad

Hey Figma,

Stop forcing me to use Figma app on iPad when I intended to use and edit my files on my browser since there’s no iPad app that let you do that. It making me harder to edit my files if you keep forcing my ipad to open the Figma app.

It’s tiring and frustrating too, hope you understand my current state I am in, I wanna do my work and finish it within the day and fast!

I left my laptop at home and only carry my iPad because it is the lightest to carry and when I’m on field and on the go getup for work.

Please make an app that directly work and edit not just to view work, it’s kind of useless if it’s just for that. Again I am sorry for my wordings because I am frustrated at your browser mode in iPad.

Hey Siraniks, thank you for reaching out and I understand your frustration! Please check your preferences in the browser, you will need to uncheck “Open links in desktop app” setting. You can find instructions on this here: