Stop changing how rating work, please

Today i received a mail from Figma telling us that rating will again change.

Dear Figma, i already lost all the data concerning the like of my Figma communities files with the last change of rating system. I don’t want to lose them again.

Rating have a huge impact on how people choose the files they want to use.

So please i’m asking to do not change the system again. The save system is better in my opinion.

Hey @matteogonzalez, sorry for the frustration!

To clarify, how files are ranked in the community are not based on ratings. This change will not affect how your file shows up in search results.

We hear you, but we are ultimately making this change based on feedback we heard from creators within the community. Some of the feedback they shared included letting us know that getting reviews without useful feedback was demotivating. To respond to this feedback, we’ve made the decision to evaluate other options for users to rate files and have disabled the ratings feature in the meantime.