Spell Check: See errors without clicking into textbox

I’m glad spell check has finally been released, but it’s really inefficient to HAVE to click into each textbox to see errors. As an editor, I need to be able to see errors immediately. There will potentially be hundreds of screens with text, and I would have tediously click into each textbox to see errors. This creates inefficiency and more work. I need to be able to scan the canvas and quickly find errors.

Screencast: Screen Recording 12-6-2022 ...


Yes!! Also to add language options in the future.

Yup, not to be ungrateful, but this kind of defeats the purpose. We type something once and then forget about it. Copy pasting whole components etc with the offending typo intact is still a bummer…


Where did you find this spell check? Is this supposed to happen automatically or I need to download a plugin? Thank you!

It was released on Figma—you might need to refresh all your pages, or check for updates. It is under the “Text” menu option.

Yep, this is also sorely needed. Would be nice if all the red underlines automatically showed on the entire doc, but I’ll settle for it working while editing text on my Mac desktop app first.

Agree - the feature is great but having to click into each text frame defeats the purpose entirely.

+1 this is a step in the right direction, but it’s totally inefficient and impractical for a large document. Spellchecking an entire page has been a conventional feature in other design software for decades.

Please prioritize this feature. Spell check is useless is large documents (and many are copy and pasting text supplied by other teams). Having to click into each individual text area is impractical and many spelling errors make it through to final specs.

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