Some elements not appearing in prototype mode

I am having trouble with some elements/graphics not appearing on the prototype display window, as seen below on the screenshot. How do I have them appear on the prototype mode?

Hello @Leif_Shantz
It looks like your elements are not in the frame but over it.
If you take a look on your treeview (right panel) you can see that Group 50 is a the root of the page and is not insereted into Slide 16:9 - 12.
Prototype only show what inside the frame you launched, as explain below:

Hope it helped.

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Thank you! You’re very helpful!
Also, I am wondering how do I change the Slide default from a frame to another? Like I want the Flow/Slide to go from up and down, not left to right.

To edit your flow you want to change from Design panel to Prototype panel (either press shift+E or click on the word prototype on the top right panel)

From there you’ll be able to connect Frames to each other so you can be in total control of your flow (you can read more here Guide to prototyping in Figma)

Like Harroll said, you can either go into prototype mode and connect the slides so you have full control, or you can reorder your slides.

Figma goes from top-left towards the right and then to the top frame in the second row unless you connect the slides with actions.

:black_square_button: :arrow_right: :black_square_button: :arrow_right: :black_square_button: :arrow_lower_right:
:arrow_down: :arrow_left: :arrow_left: :arrow_left: :arrow_left: :arrow_lower_left:
:arrow_lower_right: :black_square_button: :arrow_right::black_square_button: :arrow_right: :black_square_button: