SOLVED: Varient properties pull down menu list order

Is there a way to reorder the list within the pull down menu of a property?

for example : If I have created three variables and the property “SIZE” has 01, 02, and 03 - created in that order, but the pull down menu says 03, 01, 02.

  1. Select a Component Set;
  2. Find the desired property in the right panel (mouse over it) and click Edit property (settings icon);
  3. Change the order of the values ​​in the opened modal window.

Thank you

I swear I tried 4345845 times and that lil hamburger slider JUST showed up now!



A bug has popped up with this now… When I use the menu to reorder the list, after dragging and dropping it to the new location it doesn’t actually display in the menu, but it did move to the new location. You now have to close the menu and reopen it to see it in the correct place… Just happened today with the latest build using the desktop app on Mac afaict

I have an inordinate number of values in the list. Managing an extensive icon set, the draggable reordering feature is quite laborious I’ve found. Is there a more efficient way to do this?

Additionally, is there any way to export the values list?