Smart animate issue with boolean shapes

I’ve created a boolean shape inside a frame with separate constraints for its two components.

01 boolean shape

02 boolean shape rectangle

03 boolean shape circle

Resizing the frame manually/numerically works as hoped, with the rectangle scaling to fill the frame and the circle remaining pinned to the upper-right corner at a fixed size.

The issue comes when I do a smart animate transition between two copies of this frame at different heights.

In this case, the individual constraints of the circle get ignored and the two states of the entire object are stretched and crossfaded.

06 transition

Is there anything I can do on my end to address this or is this a bug that can be fixed? I had high hopes when the manual resize worked.

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Having the same issue! Were you able to find a solution for this?

Not a fix with a single boolean shape, no.

I was animating a mask, so I did the mask in two parts with a fixed shape with the boolean notch above, and a separate rectangle that changed height below.

I’m trying to do Bottom navigation using boolean forms but instead of moving the object, I get a disappearing and appearing animation. I don’t think this is a critical problem rather just a matter of convenience.