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Slow loading files and everything connected with figma servers

Hi! Everything works well on local, but each time when I trying renew component, change a color to another color from library or open file I face with very slow connection to server.

It dramatically slows my work. And my colleagues too. We are waiting for few minutes(!) to open a file.

We are all installed newest versions of app (98&13, 98.14) — nothing changed

Asking for help



In our case everything was much much better not long ago. Only sometimes I watched a little lag between I choose style and moment when it applies. But now it takes a minutes or doesn’t work!

We’ve been having the exact same problem for over a week now. Prototypes also work badly, they take a long time to load and often text layers are simply not displayed.

It would be better to improve performance, instead of making new features. Our team can’t work with figma now.

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Same problem with the mac app