Sliding image on click with text display

hello everyone,
I am asking for help cause I am at the beginning of my Figma journey.

I have an image at the center of a page with two buttons below. The right button is a sort of “show info” one. I would like that once the user clicks the button the image moves left making space for a text description that would appear as soon as the image has stopped moving.

Same viceversa when the user hides the info clicking on the same button again.

I have addes a drawing of the ida, I hop you coul help me.
Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

Thanks for the post. I know it takes time to get used to it! I think the best resource for it would be the smart animate article with prototyping:

There is a YouTube video in the arcitles, so you can learn step by step. I hope these will help you ‌make it! If you encounter issues while creating, feel free to post again!


I’ll have a rook at that! Thank you!

Hello again y_toku,
I managed to make the image slide left, but I have a problem with the text since it appears straight awai overlapping the image. I have tried to make an interaction between the image and the text but there is no way for me to having the text appear after the image movement has completed. Any hint why?

I am now on free plan, I don’t know if it’s a relevant info.

thanks again!

Hi there,

Glad to know you’re making progress! Would you be able to share the file link (or .fig )please so I can dig deeper?