Slideshow not working

Been going in circles for the past few hours. I’m trying to create a simple slideshow where 4 photos sort of dissolve into eachother - nothing complex. Link at bottom to project

Everytime I am doing the same way.

  1. Adding the photos
  2. Framing the photos individually
  3. Adding the prototype from frame to frame which (after delay-navigate to next frame) and I am repeating this on each one until I get to the last frame and then I loop it to the top one in hope it will loop.
  4. Before turning them into a component set, I click the ‘Flow 1’ where it all works fine as I want it to.
  5. As soon as I turn them into a component set, it won’t play like it did before! Cannot understand where i am going wrong.

Link to the project is below - please help if you can! thank you

Hi bella, Thanks for posting and sharing your file with details!
I copied your file, inserted the Component 1 instance into a frame and the prototype works fine. Could you please try inserting the instance into a frame again to see if it works?