Slide deck presentation stuck in prototype mode

Hi everyone,
I’ve started using Figma’s slide deck for my presentations. When I enter present mode and interact with the prototype, I get stuck when trying to move to the next slide. Does anybody know the shortcut to move into the next slide?
When I don’t use the prototype I can easily change by just clicking but it gets blocked as soon as I open the flow.

You should be able to use “N” to go to the next slide.

It works when I just present normally, but I added a prototype on a slide, and when I present and interact with it, impossible to move on (only when I start interacting)

Hey @Elise_Luneau, thank you for reaching out!

I wasn’t able to see this issue on my end. Are you seeing any error messages on your end? Is it happening in the browser, desktop app or both? Can you clear out the cache. Also please try to force-quit and open Figma in a new browser window (or force-quit the Figma Desktop app and restart it.)

Please let me know if clearing the cache is resolving the issue. If not are you able to show a screen recording with me? I’d like to share this with the team to investigate further.

Thanks in advance!