Slice and Export

Hi, Im trying to slice and export. But the layers and elements arent showing/exporting.

Please help advise what I’m doing wrong?

Figma can export anything within a frame selected, but from your picture, seems that you have your content in difieren frames or layers, and you are only standing on the one that has the header and button, so you want to export everything? Or just specific elements, for example, if you want the button, step on the button wrapper and export that, or if you want the entire screen, check that everything is grouped and export that wrapper

I want the entire selected screen, not just specific elements. I’m an amateur, and had someone create this template for me, so unsure how to group it correctly to export the area.

Click and drag from outside your design to draw a rectangle, so you select all the elements, then hit command + shift + g (will create a frame wrapping everything) now select this frame and on the properties on the right you should be able to export everything

unfortunately that didn’t work.

I’m able to use that tactic on other sections, it will grab all the layers in the screen I’m trying to slice. That top screen in the screenshot it will only grab the select layer. It must not be grouped together properly or something.

Share a folder structure screenshot of that screen (left panel)

Or share the file or a copy, I can help better

ok, i found a workaround but its not precise.

here it is