Single frames no longer highlight for selection in the prototype dialog when multiple frames share the same name

Previously when linking to a page when working with the prototype dialog window in Figma, If you had frames with the same name, you could hover down the list of frames and Figma would highlight the frame you are about to link to.

This was great because if you have multiple items to link to one page, you could use that feature to apply prototype links to multiple items at once.

For some reason now this seems to have stopped working as frames with the same name all highlight at once as you hover over them, making it impossible to choose a single frame using the prototype dialog window.

Is this a bug? Or a new feature? @figma
if it’s the latter it has had a negative affect on producing larger prototypes with many links quickly.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. I’ve tried to reproduce what you’re seeing, and could you check this video to confirm if I’m understanding correctly?

When I tried it in Figma 116.15.4 on Mac, it looks like the prototype highlighted the frame name when I hovered them. Am I understanding the issue you are describing correctly? Please let me know if I’m missing any additional points. I want to make sure I am fully addressing your questions.


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Thanks @y_toku ,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. What you’ve demonstrated is exactly the issue and from your demo I can see the name of the frames are highlighting.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see the names at the top of the files due the way my file is constructed as the the items i’m linking from are positioned quite far away from the pages i’m trying to link to.

Until recently Figma used to have a bit more distinction between frames when highlighting them as it used to highlight frames with the same name with a thin stroke and the one currently hovered over for selection with a thicker border as well as highlighting the name. Now it is just the name, so the main thing I was looking for (the border emphasis) isn’t there anymore.

Going forward I’ll just have to adapt my frame positions on the canvas to make sure I can see the names at the top.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and bring this to my attention.

Thanks for the details and your understanding. I will pass your feedback onto our internal team for future improvements. Really appreciate it! - Toku

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